Staging Your Home AND Your Pets!


Most home owners have pets, but pets can present challenges when listing a home for sale.  Typically, real estate agents and home stagers prefer that pets, their toys, beds and litter boxes are removed during showings.  They're concerned about selling the home and anything that could be a deterrent to a buyer should be minimized.  Having to worry about buyers who might be allergic or frightened of animals can be an issue, not to mention any potential for animal odors.

Generally, you'll have a better chance of selling without any visible signs of pets on the premises; but sometimes it's just not realistic to board your pet or leave work to take them out during showings.

So....what do you do?  Stage your pets!

Be sure that they're groomed and all pet paraphernalia is clean, neat and fluffy.  Perhaps making a temporary (during showings) homestead in the laundry room could be the answer.  Then, dress up your pet in a handkerchief or the latest dog or cat fashions.  Post a sign saying "Welcome to Our Home!" and include your pets names with a photo.  If your four legged family member is shy, prone to barking, or an escape artist, be sure to note that on the sign as well.


Will some buyer's be turned off by your pets?  Maybe; but there's also a good chance that the majority of your prospective buyers are also animal lovers and will appreciate your added attention to details.  From a buyer's perspective, if you take this much time tending to your pets, you're probably inclined to take great care of your home.  This sends a subliminal message to your buyer that they're in a home that won't need a lot of work to bring it up to standards. After all, the number one staging tip is always have your home meticulously clean.

Happy Selling!