"Toni worked closely and tirelessly to show us numerous neighborhoods and properties throughout the Central Coast region. We were looking for a special place and it took quite a while because our teastes were very particular. Toni listened very carefully to us after each visit and she would only call if she found something that would fit our tastes. She was always prompt, professional and a real joy to work with. Her positive spirit is uplifting and yet her discerning insights would always give the pros and cons of every property. In the end, we finally found our perfect property and Toni was instrumental in helping us negotiate a fair price. And then she was at our side as the transaction churned its way through the swirling waters of escrow. When all was settled, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch with Toni to celebrate the continuance of our friendship which began when we were fortunate to have found the very best real estate professional on the Central Coast!"